A special thought for Nepal

Today on the 25th of April 2015 Nepal has been hit by an strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5. Coincidentally I was there 48 hours ago and I can't avoid thinking about the chaotic situation in Kathmandu or having a though for the friendly people I have met during my visit.

The woman with the colourful umbrella

Nepal is not a place that will leave visitors indifferent. It's very mountainous, quite poor and chaotic, and it is inhabited by people who seem to have a natural gift for smiling and caring, even for short-staying visitors like me. Nepal has shown me the art of taking life one step after another, because nothing is really guaranteed in this place.

I have a particular thought for the Nepali who have lost a friend or a family member and I am sad thinking about the destruction of numerous historical buildings and temples. I wish all the best to the people of Nepal to face this devastating event and take care of their special country.

Jungle Boogie

In the state of Kerala, not far from the border with Tamil Nadu, there are jungles where tall trees are hiding plantations of cardamon, pepper, coffee... It's a green overload.

The jungle, Kerala, India, 2014

The jungle, Kerala, India, 2014