One's last wish can be a dream

People go and leave many things behind them. My mother left earth this year and she left me a dream. In her last wishes she asked to have her ashes spread on a beach in France. I had never been there before so her last wish became an invitation to travel. It brought me to a dream of hers. A dream made of sea, sand, stones and big wooden sticks worn by the elements. She loved to go there on holidays, have a walked on the beach, or a swim in the ocean. I am sure she watched the sunset sitting on the sand. 

Dismantled at home

Designed in California - Made in China - Dismantled at home. How many pieces in a laptop? It makes me think about the incredible engineering behind the design of such object, but also about the amount of energy that it takes to assemble and produce it. All these pieces but one (presumably the graphic card) are working fine. Yet in this world it is easier to just trash the whole thing and get a new one rather than fixing it.