Fisherman returning home - Kerala

Fisherman returning home - Kerala

Whether you enter India with a giant leap or a small step, it will get right into your face before you can say "Namaste". India does not wait. It gets to you like that. You love it, you hate it. You never forget. Kerala, India, August 2014

20 minutes to landing. I am a bit nervous.

The lady next to me engages the conversation.

LadyFirst time in India?

Me: Yes

Lady: You bought a package?

Me: A package...?! No  (I now know she meant a tourist travel package)

Lady: :)

Me: ...

Lady: Welcome to India. 

Kochi Airport, Kerala

Kochi Airport, Kerala

The backwaters

The coast of Kerala consists of an entanglement of semi-salty lakes and land where coconut threes are happily growing. While main roads are very busy, secondary roads are a paradise for cyclists.

Working in the backwaters

Living in the backwaters

The hills

Kerala is also covered by hills in its most eastern part, where coffee, tea and spices (cardamon, pepper...) are cultivated.

This delicate agriculture is mostly done manually, but modernity is finding its way, somehow. 

The harbour of Kuzhupilly

A small harbour for local fishermen 

The Arabian sea

The coast of Kerala is facing west on the Arabian sea.